Tap into the power within
— mind, body, and soul.



Mastering Mindfulness founder Michelle Enriquez is a leading Corporate Mindfulness Strategist focused on helping diverse leaders and professionals access the transformative power of their minds to shatter self-limiting beliefs and master a level of mindfulness that helps them realize their fullest potential.

Through self-discovery sessions, proven personalized mindfulness plans, and ongoing accountability and support, Michelle has helped professional athletes, corporate executives, mental health professionals, attorneys, politicians, and community leaders throughout the many diverse communities in NYC.

As a Latina professional with over a decade of government, political, and public affairs experience, Michelle knows first-hand the struggles that employees in high-pressured industries deal with on a day-to-day basis, including stress, overwhelm, and burnout. She provides services for numerous professional workshops and seminars, including discussions within the mental wellness field in corporate settings. Michelle’s signature program, Mastering Mindfulness, continues to deliver transformational results. 

Michelle has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from St. Francis College and a Master’s in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from New York University.


Helping multicultural and diverse leaders shatter the societal illusion of self-limitation and step into a higher state of mindful awareness, dressing themselves to access their inner strength and achieve their true and highest forms of self.


We envision a world awakened — transformed by diverse leaders who are empowered and who lead with mindful intention, creating a more conscious and inclusive society committed to positively impacting their communities and the great world around them. 

The Mindfulness series did an excellent job of reminding me to look within. To continue my journey of self-discovery and to continue to ask myself the tricky question of “am I being my true authentic self?” There’s a need for wellness, and there are so many benefits to practicing mindfulness, especially for people who suffer from anxiety and depression. Most of us don’t know where to start to be more mindful. Her workshop gave us direction!
Jomary Garcia
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, NY