What's the first step to kickstarting a self-discovery journey?

If you’re reading this, it’s most likely because you’re interested in the first step to kickstarting a self-discovery journey.

Sit back, chill down, and lean in, friend. This short read has meaty info! 


So, the first and most crucial step to start a self-discovery journey is awakening your mind to the idea that everything you know to be true in life isn’t entirely correct — because it’s not aligned with YOUR PERSONAL TRUTH!


Let me explain: 

Everything we learned during our childhood was taught by an external entity – guardians, religion, government, culture, educational system, community, and societal norms. 

We fail to see that someone else’s truth about “how to live a normal & righteous life” influences every choice, decision, and even affects how we speak, think, and react toward situations. It’s not until we encounter life-changing experiences where we start questioning ourselves and how we’ve been doing things all along. We then realize that the “correct choice” (per what we’ve been taught to believe) doesn’t sit well with our hearts at times.


When that “Aha” moment happens, you’ll start becoming more independent as a thinker, questioning life and seeking answers internally instead of externally. That’s the cue of when your inner-spirit is requesting that shift. A shift that requires you to change drastically and live from your fullest potential, discovering your authenticity by nourishing your soul’s most authentic desires. 

It’s like parenthood! Half of the time, parents don’t know the right answer, but they do what FEELS suited to them or what works best for their children and entire family — even if it doesn’t work for other families. There’s no such thing as “normal.” We have to change the narrative to be comfortable with the life we choose to live in. 


When you decide to start a self-discovery journey, everything with change. You’ll finally put your happiness first and stand your ground about your own beliefs towards life. The secret sauce is having the courage and strength to be intentional and consistent with that warrior energy. 

Ask yourself this question right now and be honest with yourself.

How much do you love yourself that you’re willing to take the necessary steps to free yourself from the mental and emotional restraints of society?


When starting a personal journey of transformation, the most challenging task is becoming aware of when you’ve reached the limit of conformism. 

Do yourself a favor and free yourself from the expectations of those around you – only then will you be able to discover the person you’re meant to be.


If you need help kickstarting your journey of personal transformation, work with me — I’ll be more than happy to walk by your side! See you on the inside, friend. 

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