Give Yourself the Gift of Self-Awareness at a Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional Level.

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I gained so much from Mastering Mindfulness with Michelle. From improving my self-talk to becoming more productive. The best part is that her strategies are not a one-time thing. I can use these tools in every season of my life. I’m so grateful to have worked with her and look forward to more.
Elisa Espinal
NYC Public Teacher

Hi! I'm Michelle Enriquez,

Here to empower culturally diverse leaders to step beyond self-limiting beliefs to embrace their authentic selves. Let's get mindful together and help move our culture forward!

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Michelle helped simplify my life by identifying self-limiting beliefs that I wasn't even aware of. I now have a different perspective on life challenges that come my way and lead my company mindfully. She's relatable, down to earth, and authentic. This was a game-changer!
Eli Zamora
CEO, Aston Sports Group