Tap into the power within
— mind, body, and soul.


Corporate Wellness


A workshop focused on mental health and conscious leadership. Michelle shares proven mindfulness techniques that help manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm at work and home — to create a more balanced and meaningful life every day.

A workshop where we turn inwards to discover personal power, purpose, and potential by unveiling the truth about self-doubt and limiting beliefs imposed by society. Michelle shares mindful techniques to help diverse and multicultural professionals to unlock their life’s purpose and build confidence authentically.

A workshop identifying barriers and opportunities to help create positive changes in the workplace while gaining clarity on how to manifest mindfulness among stressful circumstances and co-workers. Michelle talks about ways to create safe space for yourself and others to embrace diversity, inclusion, and cultural differences within every department. She shares tactics to tackle anxiety while discovering creative solutions to approach workplace frustrations, mindfully and intentionally. 

Holistic trainings providing proven mindfulness methods and personal development techniques to teach and empower professionals to lead more effective, intentional, and mindful by prioritizing mental wellbeing.

Trainings include:

  • Manifesting Mindfulness

  • Radical Transformation

  • Strengthen Your Superpower