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How to Find Purpose in Life

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Do you feel your life lacks purpose and you’re just living a robotic life by going through life without a true sense of where you’re going? Or have you been stuck in a life where it seems like you’ve become a hamster running in a wheel? 

You’re doing the most, but nothing is coming out of all that work. Where is the pot of gold at the end of my rainbow? When will it get here? 

I know the feeling too well — I’ve been there! When I started my Self-discovery journey many moons ago, I was overwhelmed by trying to be the best in everything I did. And although it’s not wrong to strive for greatness, it becomes a problem when it takes a toll on your health — mind, body, and spirit. There’s a significant difference between choosing to do something out of love and because it brings you joy vs. doing things because it’s what people expect you to do. Meaning that you’re just fulfilling an obligation or responsibility — but deep in your heart, it does not feel meaningful or purposeful. When we live like this, we lose track of who we are, what makes us happy, and how inner peace truly feels.    

Thankfully, we’ve entered a shift where those ready to step into their God-given purpose are starting to do the work and show up for themselves. Everything changes for the better when you start putting yourself first and feeding your soul love, compassion, forgiveness, healing light, and courage. This journey is not about the finish line — it’s about who you become in the process.

Here are three steps to help you find your purpose and live a more meaningful life: 

1. Embrace this one life! 

Explore and discover who you are underneath all the roles that you play. What brings you joy outside of your daily routine? 

Start tapping into new things that will help you discover more of your strengths, skills, and opportunities that will help you evolve. It’s great to find out your weaknesses and where you fall short— the goal is getting to know yourself deeper. 


2. Trust your intuition! 

You know more about YOU than any external factor. However, we tend to doubt and hesitate about what our gut instinct is telling us or where it’s directing us to go. If it doesn’t align with the agenda that we are pushing, then we push those gut instincts to the sideline.

The beauty of trusting your intuition is that you give yourself a chance to show up and speak up as your authentic self. Trusting your intuition allows your Higher Self to come out and play while surrendering to the process of life. When you connect to this part of you, you’ll learn how to grant yourself grace.


3. Enforce healthy boundaries! 

Establishing boundaries is a great way to protect your peace. We train ourselves and others through boundaries to better understand how to treat ourselves. If we enforce healthy boundaries, we stay on track with the things that help us vibrate higher in positive energy. Most importantly, this step reminds us what we will allow into our lives and what will not be tolerated as an act of love for ourselves. When finding your purpose, having boundaries is essential because it keeps you aligned with your soul’s desires.    

Love yourself more as you continue to grow. Our human evolution doesn’t look the same as others — so learning what FEELS right to you is super important when creating a more purposeful and meaningful life.  

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