Three simple ways to make mornings fun!

Have you ever woken up cranky or anxious simply because you thought about what lies ahead of the day?

It’s happened to me! 

But mornings are meant to be meaningful, relaxing, and less stressful. 

Because guess what?

What and how we do things in the morning is how the rest of the day will flow. Although old habits make us feel comfortable (especially if we don’t like change), it keeps us running on the hamster wheel, feeling the same way every single morning.

So here’s how to make your mornings more meaningful and have fun doing it: 


    Take three deep breaths — inhaling white positive light and exhaling any concerns about the day.


    Think or say three things that you are grateful for with a big smile on your face. Every day pick something or someone different.

    Think or state five things that you would like to affirm to the universe, such as “I am beautiful, I am blessed, I am loved, I am healthy, etc.”

Imagine going through a day nourished with nothing but positive energy. How much more effective and productive would you be?

Setting up the foundation early in the morning sets up the tempo for the rest of the day. This is why it’s very important to create a mindful routine to start off strong, powerful, and confident. 

Practice these three simple techniques every morning and witness the magic happen!