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How to Break Free of Self-limiting Beliefs

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Have you ever felt like you’re being held back by self-limiting beliefs?

In today’s post, I’m sharing three proven strategies to help you break free of those internal barriers. 

Let’s dive right in…

  1. Let go of the past, and don’t allow it to have power over your now!

    Whatever you did or whatever happened does not define who you are. You are the creator of your life. The secret is to learn the lesson, gather insight from that heartache, and lean into your intuition as you progress. When you’re struggling with internal battles over the decisions made, take a mindful moment and excuse yourself for a brain break. It is not a crime to drop what you’re doing and refill your cup with peace, power, or tequila! I’m joking about the beverage, but even if that’s the case — it doesn’t matter! If that’s how you roll, then so be it. The point is to take an intentional pause to process those thoughts and emotions and learn to release them so they won’t hold you back any longer.
  2.  Create Sacred Space for you!

    Learning how to create and hold space for yourself is crucial. Because during those dark moments, we’ll be spiritually equipped to not get stuck in our sadness and pain. Developing this skill helps us surpass our limitations, allowing us to grow, expand, and evolve.
  3. Raise your vibration and rise above the bullshit!

    There’s so much beauty in your energy, my friend. Vibrate higher and witness how magnetizing you become. Energy is everything, so once you’ve made this conscious shift, you’ll start attracting like-minded individuals who move at the same frequency level. This is how you get to create every day.

These three strategies have helped me to break free of self-limiting beliefs, and I hope that it helps you too. Don’t forget how badass you are; always celebrate the little wins. Catch yourself when those heavy thoughts of the past come crawling back, trying to control your day and check yourself without judgment. Not today, Satanas! 

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As Always, Love and Light from your Local Latina Mindfulness Strategist,